Issues faced by Hotels.

  • Difficulty in addressing guest requests when hotel is running full
  • Communication gap with guests resulting in chaos and complaints
  • Unable to upsell services like Spa, Laundry and paid activities
  • Struggling to provide personalised service to all guests

Issues faced by Guests.

  • Guests hate picking up the phone every time they need something
  • The hotel front desk is always busy, which results in extreme delay
  • No idea about amenities and activities at the hotel which they can use during their stay
  • No proper brief about places to visit nearby, and availability of cabs

Stay connected with your guests.



Streamline F&B requests from all rooms and deliver on a priority basis



Managing housekeeping requests from your guests will never be this easier



Address maintenance issues by your guests in real time and fix them immediately

Wakeup Call


Set reminders and forget about it with our next gen Wakeup call system



Alert each other in case of any unforeseen events and take quick action

Hotel Offers


Guests will never miss any ongoing offers or value added services at the Hotel



Laundry pickup with just a push of a button will delight your guests

Book a Cab


Guests can book a cab just like they book an Uber

Tour Guide


Struggling to brief nearby tourist places to each guest? Never again.

Key benefits.

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